Geekria for Creators Drum Rim Microphone Clip, Universal Microphone Clamp Compatible with Shure BETA 52A, PGA56, Adjustable Drum Mic Clip, Shockproof Musical Instrument Supplies (Black / 2 Pack)


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Product Features

  • The base of our drum clip is made of hard plastic and the screws are made of very stable metal. Shockproof, durable and practical, it is a great accessory for drum enthusiasts.
  • This drum clip has a flexible design, it has 3 groove points suitable for use in a variety of drums or other instrument microphones.
  • Drum clips can be mounted on the edge of any drum, complete with screws and freely adjustable in height.
  • The microphone clip is designed to compatible with Shure PGA52, BETA 52A, PGA56, BETA 56A, D Debra DK7, PA52, PA56 drum microphone.
  • Package content: 2 x drum microphone clip.

Product Description

The Geekria for Creators Microphone clip can be mounted on any drum rim, the threaded sliding screws are adjustable in height, and the flexible and robust construction provides stability.

Adjustable Shock-Proof Microphone Clip Compatible Microphones:
- Compatible with Shure PGA52, BETA 52A, PGA56, BETA 56A, PG ALTA microphone clip.
- Compatible with PreSonus DM-7, ST-4, BD-1 microphone clip.
- Compatible with D Debra DK7, PA52, PA56 microphone clip.
- Compatible with Sennheiser e904, e902, E604 microphone clip.
- Compatible with CAD Audio Stage 7, D10, D29, D19, D88 microphone clip. - Compatible with Samson DK707 microphone clip.
- Compatible with G-MARK G7 microphone clip.
- Compatible with Heimu Bass Drum Microphone clip.
- Compatible with Rockville PRO-D5 microphone clip.

- Microphone drum clip only, device not included.

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