Geekria for Creators Microphone Shock Mount Compatible with MXL 770, 990, R77, TEMPO, V67G, 2006, R144 Mic Anti-Vibration Suspension Adapter Clamp Mic Holder Clip (Black / Metal)


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Product Features

  • The heavy-duty elastic bands suspend the mic in the shock mount center for isolation from noise, shock, and vibrations.
  • Designed to help prevent vibrations and noise through a mic stand, or boompole from reaching suspension shockmount.
  • Rubber mat between the metal bolt and microphone attaches that prevent microphone scratches and tighten.
  • The metal shock mount is designed to compatible with MXL 440, 550, 770, 770X, 910, 920, 990, 990S, 990XL, 992, 2001, 2003A, 2006, 2008, 3000, CR89, R144 HE, R77, R770, V250, V63M, V67, V67G, V67i, V77, V78, V87, MAC SP1, DX-2, Revelation II, TEMPO, USB-006, Genesis HE, Tempo Surf mic shock mount.
  • Package content: 1 x black metal spider shock mount, 1 x 3/8" to 5/8" metal screw adapter, 5 different size bottom metal screws.

Product Description

The Geekria for Creators Shock Mount is designed to provide adequate protection against noise caused by movement.

Suspension Shockmount Compatible Microphones:
- Compatible with MXL 2001, MXL 2001 SE, MXL 2003A, MXL 2006, MXL 2008, MXL 3000, MXL-Vocalist mic shock mount.
- Compatible with MXL 440, MXL 550, MXL 770, MXL 770X mic shock mount.
- Compatible with MXL 910, MXL 920, MXL 990, MXL 990S, MXL 990xl, MXL 992 mic shock mount.
- Compatible with MXL V250, MXL V63M, MXL V67, MXL V67G, MXL V67I, MXL V69MEDT, MXL V77, MXL V78, MXL V87 mic shock mount.
- Compatible with MXL TEMPO, MXL Tempo WR, MXL TEMPO KR mic shock mount.
- Compatible with MXL R144HE, MXL R77L, MXL R770 mic shock mount.
- Compatible with MXL Revelation FET Mini, MXL revelation II mic shock mount.
- Compatible with MXL CR89, MXL MAC SP1, MXL DX-2, MXL DX-2 Dual-Capsule, MXL USB006, MXL Genesis HE, MXL Tempo Surf, MXL Acoustica MVS mic shock mount.

Anti-vibration spider shockmount has 5 different size bottom screws, which can compatible with multiple microphones.
Suitable for the microphone has a thread and thread diameter bigger than 20mm to tighten the mic to the shock mount.

- Microphone shock mount only, device not included.
- Comes with a 3/8" to 5/8" screw adapter matching most desk mic arm stands, Mic boom arms or table mic stands.

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