Geekria BT-B20 Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver for TV Home Stereo Speakers with Volume Control HiFi Wireless Audio Adapter with AAC SBC & AptX HD/Low Latency for 2 Headphones (Optical RCA AUX)


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Product Features

  • Qulacomm Bluetooth 5.0: Featuring the latest Bluetooth 5.0 (CSR8670) and support for Qulacomm aptX HD, aptX Low Latency, aptX and AAC decoding. Simple switch to alternate between HD and low latency priority If your device supports both codecs.
  • TRANSMITTER / RECEIVER: Bluetooth-enable virtually any of your audio devices at home. Use the BT-B20 as a transmitter to stream audio from TV, or computer to a set of Bluetooth headphones. Or a receiver and allow your home stereo or speakers to play streaming music from your cellphone or laptop.
  • Low Latency: BT-B20 allows you to reduce Bluetooth delay to deliver high-quality sound in perfect synchronization. NOTE: To achieve low latency (<40ms delay ) receiving device (headphones/speaker) must also support aptX Low Latency or you may experience a 70-220ms delay.
  • EASY TO USE: compatible with most TV's on the market, Our BT-B20 Supports optical / AUX / RCA Audio output without extra wires to get in your way. And the BT-B20 can automatically select the highest sound quality compatible with the headset or earbuds.
  • Package Includes: Transmitter Receiver X 1

Product Description

Recommended: 1. Transmitter -> Bluetooth-enable your TV, PC, AV receiver, TV Box etc. Stream audio to any Bluetooth headphones / speakers.
2. Receiver -> Bluetooth-enable a wired speaker, soundbar, home theater etc. Receive audio wirelessly from any Bluetooth audio device e.g. PC, mobile phone, tablet, etc.
3. Uses aptX low latency to eliminate lip sync delay.Compatible with devices with optical, RCA and AUX audio outputs. 4. Can use as a pair to extend range, one B20 use a BT transmitter, another one as a BT receiver.

Operating: 1. Power on the Bluetooth headset or speaker, and let it enter into the pairing mode.
2. Turn the TX/RX button to "TX", Turn the power button to "ON", and the "TX" light is on.
3. Double press pairing bluetooth button, the front blue color LED indicator light flashes alternately. B20 will enter into pairing mode to searching the Bluetooth device, please put both devices within 1 meter to easily connect.
4. Insert the fiber optic cable into B20's SPDIF TX port, turn the audio button to "SPDIF". The "OPT" light is on, the other jack of the fiber optic cable insert to the audio equipment's optical fiber input port. (NOTE: If you using the AUX port, please insert the cable jack to the AUX port, and turn the audio button to "AUX", the "AUX" light is on, the other jack insert to the audio equipment's AUX input port.)
5. After connecting successfully, B20's blue light will be on.
TX transmitter mode multi point connection 1. Follow the TX connect operation, connect with A Bluetooth device.
2. After A Bluetooth device connect successfully, let the B Bluetooth device enter into pairing mode.
3. Double press pairing Bluetooth button,B20 will enter into pairing mode and searching. After searching B Bluettoth device, it will automatically connect.
4. After connnect successfully, B20's green light will be on.

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