Geekria 100 Pairs Disposable Headphones Ear Cover for Large Over-Ear Headset Earcup, Stretchable Sanitary Ear Pads Cover, Hygienic Ear Cushion Protector (L / Blue)


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Product Features

  • The earphone covers are not easy to slip and protect the earphone earpads. Thin and soft. Easy to move, they don't distort the sound, and the headphones will not seep into a sweat.
  • Provides an extra layer of protection to prevent dust, and dirt from entering the earphones, thereby keeping the earphones clean, reducing the frequency of repairs, and extending service life. Can be easily replaced when needed.
  • This ear pads covers designed for headphones with earcup sized 4.4"-6.2" inches (11-15 cm).
  • Stretchable covers fit most headphones or headsets that rest against the ear. Compatible with Razer Kraken 7.1, 7.1 V2, AKG K701, Q701, Sennheiser HD900, HD800, HD650, Beyerdynamics DT880, DT990. See the full list of headphones in the product description.
  • Package Contents: 100 pairs nonwoven fabric headphones covers.

Product Description

In the case of many different groups of people. Ideal for offices, computer labs, libraries, hospitals, call centers, exhibitions, and museum kiosks, as well as for many places where individuals recycle and use headphones.

Stretchable Earpad Covers Compatible headphones:
- Compatible with AKG Q701, K701, M220, K 872, K 845BT, K 812 headphone covers
- Compatible with AKG HSC 271, AV100 headphone covers
- Compatible with ATH-W3000ANV, ATH-W5000, ATH-W1000Z, ATH-PG1, ATH-PDG1, ATH-ATH-A550Z, ATH-AG1x headphone covers
- Compatible with ATH-ADG1x, ATH-AD900X, ATH-AD700X, ATH-AD1000X, ATH-A990z, ATH-A2000Z, ATH-WS99BT, ATH-WS770iS, ATH-WS1100iS, ATH-R70x, ATH-M70x, ATH-M50, ATH-M40, ATH-M30 headphone covers
- Compatible with BeyerdynamicT90, T70, T5p, T1, MMX 300, DT X 910 headphone covers
- Compatible with Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro, DT 880 Pro, DT 797, DT 790, DT 770 Pro, DT 770 M, DT 700, DT 660, DT 440, DT 297, DT 290, DT 287, DT 250 headphone covers
- Compatible with Grado PS1000e, GS2000e, GS1000e headphone covers
- Compatible with Hifiman SUNDARA, HE 560, HE 400 headphone covers
- Compatible with Pioneer HRM-7, HRM-6, HRM-5, HDJ-2000, HDJ-1500 headphone covers
- Compatible with Sennheiser HD 650, HD660S2, HD600, PXC 550, PCX 450, PC 363D, PC 333D, PC 323D, PC 320, MM 550X, MM 500-X headphone covers
- Compatible with Sennheiser RS165, RS175, HDR165, HDR175, RS185, HDR185, RS195, HDR195, Game Zero headphone covers
- Compatible with Shure SRH940, SRH840, SRH750DJ, SRH550DJ, SRH440, SRH240, SRH1840, SRH1540, SRH1440 headphone covers
- Compatible with SONY MDR-7506,WH-CH700N,MDR-XB700,WH-1000XM2,PlayStation Gold Wireless,WH-1000XM5,INZONE H9,INZONE H7,MDR-Z7M2,WH-CH710N,INZONE H3,WH-910N,WH-1000XM3,WH-XB910N,WH-1000XM4,PULSE 3D,WHRF400,WHCH720Nheadphone covers
And many other headphones

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