Geekria Apollo OCC Audio Cable Compatible with Sennheiser HD25, HD25-1, HD25-1 II, HD25-C, HD25-13, Replacement Headphones Cord for Hi-Resolution Audiophile, HiFi Headset (3.5mm Plug / 5ft)

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Product Features

  • The upgrade cable is made of 4 strands of OCC braiding, which has strong corrosion resistance and anti-interference ability. The highly elastic transparent PVC protective layer makes it tougher.
  • The transmission rate is stable, the middle and low frequencies are more prominent, and the overall sound quality is full. Upgrade your hearing experience on hi-resolution, audiophile or HiFi headset.
  • Compatible with Sennheiser HD25 HD25-1 HD25-1 II HD25-C HD25-13 headphones cable.
  • Work with devices with standard 3.5mm AUX jack, such as headphone amplifier, MP3 players, laptops, PCs, cellphones, tablets, home theaters, speakers, game console controllers, PS4, PS5, Switch, etc.
  • Package includes: 1 x headphones upgrade cable.

Product Description

The structure of copper consists only a grain, there is no "boundary" between the grain (signal distortion and attenuation caused by "boundary" ), thus, it has high signal transmission performance so that OCC is applied to the audio and video transmission wire in the international market.

- Low frequency control, high analytical power, strong sound density and texture;
- The sound field is wide and air is very good.
- The sound is exquisite and natural, the tone is full and round, not fluttered, smooth and delicate.
- The analytic force is good, the foundation is good, careful, sweet, fresh, thorough, halcyon. - It has a balanced sense, extremely high purity and a clean texture.
- Besides, the high frequency details, line sense and sound field are outstanding in terms of clarity, transparency and real sense.

Compatible Devices:
- Compatible with Sennheiser HD 25, HD 25-1, HD 25-1 II, HD 25-C, HD 25-13 cable

- Headphone Upgrade Cable only, Headphone is not included.

Package Includes:
- 1 x Headphone Upgrade Cable

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