Geekria Elite Case Compatible with Sennheiser HD820, HD800 S, HiFiMAN Ananda, Fostex TH-500RP, TH900, ATH-AD2000X, ATH-W5000 Large Headset Box with High-Quality PU for Display Headphones and AMP


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Product Features

  • Maximum compatible headphones dimensions (case inside): 15.3 x 10.6 x 6.4inches. Compatible with many wired / wireless headphones.
  • Engineered ultra-hard shell protects against drops, impacts or crushes. Soft inner maximize headphones protective in the case.
  • Made of high-quality material with black PU cover and Concealed metal buckle, Refined velvet interior, well-done seams, The well-built OverEar Headphones box is sturdy, elegant, modern and stylish, provide more protection for your High-grade and valuable headsets.
  • Case Compatible with AKG Q701, K812, K702, Audeze LCDX, LCDMX4, LCD4z, LCD4, LCD3, LCD2, EL8, Audio-Technica ATHW5000, ATHAD2000X, Beyerdynamic T5p, T1, DT1990Pro, DT1770Pro, Amiron, Denon AHD9200, AHD7200, AHD5200, Fostex TH909, TH900, TH500RP, Grado PS1000e, HiFiMAN HE6se, HE1000, Arya case.
  • Case fits for HiFiMAN AnandaBT, Ananda, JVC HASZ2000, HASZ1000e, Pioneer SEMaster1, SONY MDRZ7M2, MDRZ1R, SendyAudio Aiva, Sennheiser HD820, HD800S case. A good replacement or upgrade of the original headphones case.

Product Description

Protect your over ear or on-ear headphones with a hard shell headphone case from Geekria!

Compatible Headphones Models (not limited to):
- Compatible with AKG Q701, K 812, K 702 case
- Compatible with JVC HA-SZ2000, HA-SZ1000e case
- Compatible with SONY MDR-Z7M2, MDR-Z1R case
- Compatible with Sennheiser HD 820, HD 800 S case
- Compatible with Audio-Technica ATH-W5000, ATH-AD2000X case
- Compatible with Beyerdynamic T5p, T1 case
- Compatible with Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro, DT 1770 Pro, Amiron case
- Compatible with Denon AH-D9200, AH-D7200, AH-D5200 case
- Compatible with Audeze LCD-X, LCD-MX4, LCD-4z, LCD-4, LCD-3, LCD-2, EL-8 case
- Compatible with Fostex TH-909, TH-900, TH-500RP case
- Compatible with Grado PS1000e case
- Compatible with HiFiMAN HE 6se, HE 1000, Arya, Ananda-BT, Ananda case
- Compatible with Pioneer SE-Master1 case
- Compatible with SendyAudio Aiva case
And many other large High-grade headphones

- Headphones carrying case only, headphone is not included.

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