Geekria for Creators Furry Windscreen for 1.6'' (40mm) Diameter Microphones, Mic DeadCat Wind Cover Muff, Windjammer, Fluff Cover Windshield Compatible with HyperX SoloCast (Grey / 2 Pack)


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Product Features

  • The soft fluffy microphone windscreen helps mitigate background noise and vocal plosives, while adding protection to the microphone element.
  • The density of the specialty acoustic fur is optimized to help protect the microphone element from air bursts without muffling the sound.
  • The furry windscreen muff is hypoallergenic and helps prevent moisture and dirt from damaging your microphone.
  • The windscreen is designed to compatible with LEWITT LCT 240 Pro, LCT 440 Pure, LCT 441 Flex, LCT 540 SubZero, LCT 640 TS mic cover.
  • Package content: 2 x furry windscreen muff.

Product Description

The Geekria for Creators Furry Windscreen is delivers wind protection with acoustic transparency. They are engineered for dramatic reduction of unwanted broadband wind noise and vocal pops with very little high frequency loss, for exceptionally accurate recordings.

Suspension Furry Windscreen Muff Compatible Microphones:
- Compatible with LEWITT LCT 240 Pro, LCT 440 Pure, LCT 441 Flex, LCT 540 SubZero, LCT 640 TS mic cover.
- Compatible with ZealSound k66, k66p, k08, BKD-12A, k66k-s mic cover.
- Compatible with HyperX SoloCast mic cover.
- Compatible with sktome AM100-V8, M800, M300-ZM01, AM200 mic cover.
- Compatible with Nady SCM-707, SCM-700, SCM-800, SCM-1000, USB-1CX mic cover.
- Compatible with ZINGYOU BM 800, ZY-007, ZY-801+, ZY-UA1, ZY-UA2 mic cover.
- Compatible with ALPOWL BM 800, BM900-V8S mic cover.

- Microphone furry windscreen muff only, device not included.

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