Geekria for Creators Gooseneck Telescoping Tabletop Microphone Stand with Flexible Arm Compatible with ATH ATR2100, FIFINE K668 Adjustable Desk Mic Holder with Weighted Base


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Product Features

  • The weighted base helps ensure keep the stand firmly in place. Non-slip feet help reduce unwanted vibrations from reaching your microphone.
  • This sturdy microphone stand will withstand the most demanding studio and concert environments.
  • Telescoping shaft provides height adjustment between 10.6'' and 19.7" (27 cm and 50 cm). The stand can also attach accessories like shock mount, pop filter, pop screen.
  • Include 3/8" to 5/8" screw adapter compatible with TONOR TC-777, TC-2030, TC30, TC20, TC40, Q9, FIFINE AmpliGame A6V, A6T, A8, K651, K669, K780A, K670, K670B, K678, K683A, T669, T732, K669B, K668, Shur Sm57, Sm58, PGA48, PGA58, BETA 87A, ATH ATR2100x-USB, AT2005USB mic desk stand.
  • Package includes: 1 x Microphone desktop stand, 2 x 3/8" to 5/8" Adapter (One is mounted on the microphone clip), 1 x Microphone clip.

Product Description

Geekria for Creators microphone stand meets the needs of any desktop audio applications that require the use of a microphone by providing a solid, weighted base with nonslip rubber feet for additional stability.
The microphone clip is suitable for microphones with a diameter less than 1.6" (40mm).
Metal tube is stronger than ordinary plastic tube and easily support heavy microphones.

Table Top Microphone Holder Compatibility:
- Compatible with TONOR TC-777, TC-2030, TC30+, TC30 RGB, TC20, TC40, Q9, ORCA001 microphone stand.
- Compatible with Shur Sm57, Sm58, Sm86, Sm87, Sm48, Sm63, PGA48, PGA58, PGA57, PGA181 microphone stand.
- Compatible with Shure BETA 58A, BETA 57A, BETA 87A, BETA 87C, SV100-WA, SV200-WA microphone stand.
- Compatible with FIFINE AmpliGame A6V, A6W, A6B, A6TP, A8, K651, K669, K669L, K669S, K669G microphone stand.
- Compatible with FIFINE K780A, K670, K670B, K678, K683A, T669, T732, K669B, K668 microphone stand.
- Compatible with ATH ATR2100x-USB, AT2005USB, AT2020, AT2035 microphone stand.
- Compatible with SAMSON Q7x, Q8x, Q2U, Q9U, SA, CL7A, CL8A, C01, C01U Pro microphone stand.

- Microphone stand only, device not include.

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