Geekria for Creators Microphone Shock Mount Compatible with AKG P120, P220, Perception 220 P420, P820, P8207, Mic Anti-Vibration Suspension Adapter Clamp Mic Holder Clip (Champagne / Metal)


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Product Features

  • The heavy-duty elastic bands suspend the mic in the shock mount center for isolation from noise, shock, and vibrations.
  • Designed to help prevent vibrations and noise through a mic stand, or boompole from reaching suspension shockmount.
  • Rubber mat between the metal bolt and microphone attaches that prevent microphone scratches and tighten.
  • The metal shock mount is designed to compatible with AKG P120, P220, Perception 220, P420, P820, P8207 mic shock mount.
  • Package content: 1 x shock mount, 1 x 3/8" to 5/8" metal screw adapter, 5 different size bottom metal screws.

Product Description

The Geekria for Creators Shock Mount is designed to provide adequate protection against noise caused by movement.

Suspension Shockmount Compatible Microphones:
- Compatible with AKG P120 mic shock mount.
- Compatible with AKG P220, 3101H00420 mic shock mount.
- Compatible with AKG P420, 3101H00430 mic shock mount.
- Compatible with AKG P820 mic shock mount.

Anti-vibration spider shockmount has 5 different size bottom screws, which can compatible with multiple microphones.
Suitable for the microphone has a thread and thread diameter bigger than 20mm to tighten the mic to the shock mount.

- Microphone shock mount only, device not included.

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