Geekria XLR Cable Male to Female Plug Adapter, Conversion Audio Cable, 3Pin Balanced Cable, Compatible with Microphone, Audio Mixer Console, Audio Interface, XLR Speaker (1 Feet / 1 Pack)


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Product Features

  • Tough metal shell, electroplated to be scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, with avant-garde design and technological texture.
  • The three-core thickened copper pins have strong contact transmission performance, and the outer layer of the copper pins is gold-plated to resist oxidation and the signal will not attenuate.
  • The low frequency is thick, the mid-frequency is clear, the high frequency is loud, and the vocals are transparent. There is always one effect you want.
  • Suitable for a variety of scenarios, including speakers, microphones, mixers, power amplifiers, cameras, effects devices, etc.
  • Package Content: XLR Male to Female balanced audio cable x 1

Product Description

- Strong low-frequency control, strong analytical power, strong sound density and texture.
- The sound field is wide and has a good sense of air.
- The sound is delicate and natural, the tone is full and round, without vibrating, smooth and delicate.
- Good analytical skills, good foundation, careful, sweet, fresh, thorough and tranquil. - Balance, extreme purity and clean texture.
- In addition, high-frequency detail, line perception and soundstage are excellent in terms of clarity, transparency and realism.

-Audio cable only, other items not included.

Package content:
- 1 x XLR male to XLR female upgrade adapter cables